Home Loan – Real Estate Loan

We can expect a very strong year in the home loan market . This is supported by the MNB’s statistics on the household sector, which was cleared of seasonal fluctuations published earlier today, according to which in the first quarter of 2015, financial service providers issued approximately $ 69 billion ( more… )

How to lend money?

There have been many words about why you should not lend money to a friend or relative, or how to say no to someone who wants to borrow money from you. How do you say no when they ask you for a loan? If you haven’t done so already, read ( more… )

Installment Loan – Loan Application

The lenders’ opinions on Loanexpert services are positive. The company’s product are installment loans granted for a period of three to 12 months. The minimum loan amount is USD 500 and the maximum amount is USD 5,000. To take a loan at Loanexpert, you must submit an application on the ( more… )

University Credit Cards

University credit cards are plastic with a credit line designed to be approved for undergraduate students. These cards offer young students the opportunity to obtain their first credit card even if they do not generate income through payroll and / or do not have a credit history . Of the ( more… )