13 Best Texas Cabin Rentals for a Luxury Getaway

You’ve heard that things are always bigger in Texas. Well, cabin experiences are no exception — the state has solar homes in the middle of the desert, vineyards in the Texas Hill Country, tricked-out treehouses in the woods, and so much more. It might surprise some people from out of town just how much nature (and diverse landscapes) Texas has to offer, and we’re convinced that a cabin vacation rental is the best way to explore the Lone Star State, whether you’re booking a family vacation, a weekend getaway, or just an overnight stopover on a cross-country road trip.

The Texas landscape that most people who have never been there probably have in mind is the far west and Big Bend National Park. This national park follows the Texas-Mexico border along the Rio Grande River and includes vast open desert, tumbleweeds and, yes, cowboys, but also the verdant mountains of Chisos. Big Bend has enough archaeological history packed into its layers to make even the casual geologist among us giddy.

If desert exploration and dino hunting aren’t your thing, you can take a trip a bit further inland to the Texas Hill Country, an area surrounding Austin and San Antonio. Known for its vineyards and swimming pools, this region is beautiful all year round. If you visit in the spring, however, the whole landscape turns into vast fields of bluebonnets, the state flower of Texas, and you won’t want to miss Enchanted Rock, a pink granite mountain just outside of Texas. Austin. You can hike (or rock climb) throughout the area, but it is advisable to travel with plenty of water during the summer months.

The further east you go, the greener Texas becomes. Once you pass Hill Country, you enter the aptly named Land of the Pines evergreen forest. Here you can escape the heat (trade it for the humidity) and experience vast, beautiful woods. Relax by the many lakes found in this area or hike on nature trails through loblolly pines. Whichever biome suits you, these cabins allow nature to meet modern luxury while exploring the Lone Star State.

The 13 Best Cabin Rentals in Texas

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