A useful hacking guide for this small space

Let’s face it: cruises are magical on the ocean, but cruise cabins can be small, cramped and not very luxurious. High-quality linens and a porthole can sometimes make up for the lack of space, but other than that, there’s not much room for passengers.

Aside from luxury suites — which are often outside the price range of many travelers’ budgets — ship cabins are known for their small size. At the end of a week-long cruise, there are clothes strewn everywhere, shoes stuffed under the bed and around the bedroom, and virtually no space to hang outfits. Also the bathroom lacks space which means minimal space for toiletries.


So how can cruise goers hack these tiny cabins to make room for the necessities? Here are a few tips.

How to rearrange to make room in a cruise cabin

Many ship passengers don’t realize that they can actually rearrange their room a bit in order to make room. Obviously this is not feasible in all cabins as some have furniture that cannot be moved or there may not be enough space to move anything. For those who are able to move objects such as the bed, bedside tables, etc., it is worth pushing them into the corner of the room to create a larger space, instead of having the bed in the middle of the room.

According Forever Karen, moving the bed can also help with motion sickness. When the boat is pitching – usually from bow to stern – repositioning the bed can help relieve symptoms.

Additionally, those who have a mini-fridge in their room can request that drinks and snacks be removed (if passengers do not plan to eat them). This makes room for toiletries such as face wash, lotions, sunscreen and more that can be stored in a cooler space – and will also help anyone prone to sunburn!

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Pack smart things to increase cabin storage space

Believe it or not, there are common, everyday items that passengers can pack in order to make room in the cabins of their cruise ships. These include:

  • Over-the-door storage shelves can help provide space for shoes, produce, or even shirts, shorts, dresses, socks, or anything else that can fit in its sleeves.
  • The magnetic hooks are perfect for sticking to radiators or even in bathrooms to hang anything from formal wear to jewelry so it doesn’t need to stay put away.
  • Additional hangers are useful for hanging clothes in a closet, if the cabin has one, and these are not always provided by the cruise ship.
  • A hanging closet organizer or hanging shelves can be packed and hung in a closet to create even more storage (if it fits in your suitcase).
  • A charging station will eliminate the need for a plethora of cords, combining everything in one space.

How to DIY a laundry room

A common complaint about cabins on cruise ships is that there is nowhere to hang wet clothes. While some people in the past have resorted to hanging their clothes on their balconies, this will likely only result in a missing pair of bathing suits. Instead, using the space in the shower (and other places around the bathroom) is a great way to hang clothes out of the way…and without the risk of strong wind blowing through. and take them away.

Bringing a laundry hamper, like pop-up baskets, is another way to separate dirty clothes from clean ones. These are usually small enough to store in the corner of the room, which is especially useful for those traveling with children. For those traveling on a cruise that has laundry service, a laundry hamper will make laundry extremely easy.

Finally, think about space-saving bags! These are worth the hype and come with the ability to roll in order to squeeze the air out rather than vacuuming it. Not only will this save space in his suitcase, but it’s also a great space-saver when hanging clothes in the closet or folding them in a chest of drawers if a cabin has them.

The tips for cruise ship cabins are truly endless, but finding more space is priceless. When it comes to having room to move around and just hang clothes, it can be the difference between a comfortable room and a cluttered, stuffy one.

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