Cabin crew say Diet Coke is the worst thing to buy on a plane

A flight attendant explained that Diet Coke is the worst thing you can order on a plane. Many know that tea and coffee may not be a good choice, but it’s shocking to find that diet coke is also difficult to serve.

She says cabin crew “wince” every time someone on board orders a Diet Coke and explains why that’s not a good idea. A stewardess, whose name is Jet, explained everything on her blog, as Manchester Evening News reports.

Writing on the blog, they said: “Soft drinks froth a lot more when poured from a can, and the worst culprit is diet coke – I literally have to sit and wait for the bubbles to drop before I can keep pouring,.

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They continued, “If all three passengers ask for Diet Coke, I’ll often get them started, take three more drink orders, serve them, and then finish the Diet Cokes.”

In a video showing how hard Diet Coke can be to pour, cabin crew said: “What you can’t see is that the Diet Coke doesn’t come out of the can when it’s flipped over. upside down until you lift it and tilt it. This is because the air pressure keeps the Coke in the can. This makes the pouring of Diet Coke very controllable and reduces the risk of spillage or overflow.

So if you want to be nice to the cabin crew, it might be worth ordering something else. They will probably thank you for it.

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