Cabin lineup revealed as Love Island-style show returns

THE Cabins, ITV’s winter love island, is back and we can reveal the lineup taking part in it when it returns tonight.

There are girls who love everyone from Joey Essex to Tommy Fury and even a pair of Scottish twins.

As always, competitors have 24 hours in their cabin to decide if they want to spend more time in The Cabins – or race for the hills.

So it’s time to turn on the spas and let the fun begin…



Megan loves Tommy Fury and wants a hot tub date1 credit

Megane, 19 years old

Beautician and athlete Megan is literally a weightlifter, having won a bronze medal at the championships in England.

Asked about her celebrity crush, she said: “I think the way Tommy Fury treats Molly-Mae is so nice.

“They always look like they’re having fun, so I’ll probably go with Tommy Fury.”

Amy says she is


Amy says she’s ‘a bit of a drama queen’ – and a terrible cook1 credit

Amy, 18 years old

Hairdresser Amy is from Ayr in Scotland and her ideal man is Joey Essex. Not really.

She is an avowed drama queen, warning, “I think I might work a little hard. I think it takes a lot to get somebody to support me.”

Well, what better place to find out if that’s true than on TV?

Roxane said:


Roxanne said: ‘Guys often tell me I can be quite intimidating’1 credit

Roxane, 21 years old

Recruitment consultant Roxanne from London says she’s ‘loud’ but ’empathetic’ – don’t try to make her laugh because ‘I’m not looking for a prankster’.

The Londoner added: “I have pretty high expectations. I want a guy to lift me up. Most of the time guys don’t lift me up.”

She added that her best date was on a cable car – you see, you have to raise it!

Denni, a girl from Hertfordshire, says to herself


Denni, a girl from Hertfordshire, calls herself ‘bubbly, friendly and loyal’1 credit

Dennis, 20 years old

A makeup artist, office manager, and part-time SuDuko fiend, Denni has a very specific type.

Here’s the shopping list: “Bronze, black hair and a little bit of facial hair. You know, like a geezer, someone with muscles.

“So someone who is a scaffolder, a builder, a practical man. Tattoos are a bonus.”

Jessica insists:


Jessica insists: “I’m very touchy, I like romantic gestures”1 credit

Jessica, 25 years old

Cruise host Jessica says what drives her is…consistency.

She gushed: “Consistency in a man appeals to me so much. I like a go-getter type of guy. Someone who wakes up and thinks, ‘What’s next?’ not someone who just says, “Oh, I have a day off, I’m going to relax at home”.

“If you’re a home person, then stay home, because you’re not for me.”


Cory said:


Cory said: “I’m an outgoing person – people’s opinions don’t really affect me”1 credit

Cory, 28 years old

London leisure center boy Cory said he was single because he was ‘gone for the bad guys’ in life.

He added: “I wouldn’t say I have a particular type, but I had a celebrity crush when I was at school, it was Ashanti.

“And then sometimes it changed for J-Lo. But one guy locks you in…as long as you have a personality and the chemistry.

Twin Callum said:


Twin Callum said: ‘My celebrity crush was Denise Richards’1 credit

Kalum, 22 years old

It’s time to play to spot the difference. Here is Scottish student Callum who says his friends would describe him as “an idiot”.

More promising, he says he can play guitar, cook and loves beer pong.

However, there is a version of him that is more successful with the ladies, his twin brother Timmy, which leads to…

Timmy explained:


Timmy explained: ‘My celebrity crush should be Elizabeth Olsen’1 credit

Timmy, 22 years old

Callum reckons his brother’s dating ability is “far superior to mine,” but time will tell if that’s true in The Cabins.

The Fife University student said: “My type would be someone who knows who they are.

“Has ambitions in life and a good heart. My celebrity crush should be Elizabeth Olsen.”

Prince, based in Kettering, said:


Kettering-based Prince said: ‘India Love is my type, she’s my celebrity crush’1 credit

Prince, 23 years old

Salesman Prince has been single all his life. Why? “Probably because I’m a picky little b*****d,” he says.

However, he admits: “I was fished once, but it went well, she was a nice person, I got to know her.”

He added, “Take me back to when people used to meet.”

Amir's celebrities are Michael B. Jordan and Jason Statham


Amir’s celebrities are Michael B. Jordan and Jason Statham1 credit

Amir, 26 years old

Manchester optometrist Amir was going to apply for Bake Off, but by a quirk of fate he ended up instead.

He said: “I’ve never really had a proper date before. This is the first time I’ve met someone I can look to settle down with.”

And make “striking” Biscoff cakes.

Chris insisted:


Chris insisted, “I want someone who can laugh at my jokes!”1 credit

Chris, 26 years old

Marketing man Chris from London believes he is the complete package.

He said his friends “would say I have a great sense of humor – if I said so myself!”

He added, “Beautiful body! Very adventurous, always up for a good time and sees the lighter side of life.”

The Londoner said:


The Londoner said: ‘I haven’t really come out – it’s going to be decisive’1 credit

Jay, 26 years old

This car salesman insists he’s definitely not Jad the Lad.

He said: “I didn’t do the whole dating scene…I thought I’d take the plunge and try.”

And what can he offer? “I can do good beans on toast. I’ll jump on karaoke. I get the whole crowd in the pub.” In this order?

The county boy said his friends would call him


The county lad said his friends would call him ‘bubbly, friendly and probably quite popular’1 credit

Tarick, 25 years old

Devon estate agent Taryck’s dream man is Gorka from Strictly Come Dancing.

But fail him? “I want someone who gives me freedom; spend time with your friends, spend time with your family, but also take time for me. »

He added: “They have to be funny, they have to crack jokes and they have to be witty.”

Scot Harry explained:


Scot Harry explained: ‘I just haven’t found the right person yet’1 credit

Harry, 23 years old

London-based Scottish entrepreneur Harry can play the bagpipes – and just to prove it, he’s with them.

He said: “I told The Cabins team that I’m happy to be matched with either a man or a woman.

“In life I attract personalities, it’s not about gender. I’m looking for someone who’s really nice, really easy going, really fun.”

Richie called The Cabins a


Richie called The Cabins a “really cool way to meet someone”1 credit

Richie, 25 years old

Burton-on-Trent nursing home assistant Richie is after a tall blond guy – with spotlessly clean gnashers.

He said: “I’m pretty big on my teeth – if someone doesn’t have good oral hygiene or bad breath, that really puts me off.

“Someone who’s arrogant or self-righteous or loves themselves arrogantly, someone who’s ignorant – in terms of things going on in the world – I would really like someone to be open-minded and don’t judge.”

George says he wants


George says he wants “a really nice organic connection with a guy”1 credit

George, 26 years old

Salon owner George, from Leicester, wants all his potential dates off the treadmill.

He said: “Nothing would be a red flag. It would freak me out if he was a huge gym goer. I would just think I’d never see you because you’re always in the gym.

“When are we going to go out to eat, and are we going to have to eat peas and you can’t have fries or garlic bread?”

The Cabins continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub

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