Camp in comfort in cabins and yurts in Oregon State Park: Peak Northwest podcast


If you love camping but hate sleeping on the floor, there’s a neat solution at some of Oregon’s most popular state parks.

In addition to the pitches for tents and motorhomes that populate the campgrounds, some parks are equipped with additional accommodation: cabins and yurts which offer a more comfortable way to spend the night.

In this week’s episode of Peak Northwest, we discuss what to expect and what to bring with you if you’re looking to do a little glamping in a state park. Although far from a luxury hotel, these cabins and yurts offer a much more comfortable way to spend the night surrounded by nature.

Here are some highlights from this week’s show:

  • What can we expect during a stay in a cabin or in a yurt?
  • Even the finest state park accommodations are affordable, especially compared to hotels or vacation rentals.
  • Cabins and yurts can be found in dozens of parks across the state, including some of Oregon’s most popular campgrounds.
  • Jamie talks about some of his favorite experiences staying in state park cabins.

Here is the full episode:

Check out the list of state parks where you can rent a cabin or yurt, and make your reservations now for the busy spring and summer months.

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– Jim Ryan and Jamie Hale


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