Decorated: New American Airlines cabins unveiled

Things should look a little more luxurious for passengers, as plans for new American Airlines cabins have been announced! Scheduled to debut in 2024, the cabins will offer customers the chance to relax in a new range of premium seats.

From 2024, passengers will be able to experience flagship suites on board selected AA aircraft | © American Airlines

A more refined flight with American Airlines’ flagship suites

A new delivery of the Airbus A321XLR and the Boeing 787-9 in 2024 will mean a whole new flight experience for premium seat customers. Check out the flagship suites – an all-new cabin that will see the airline’s long-haul fleet include lounge chairs, more personal storage space and privacy dividers located between adjoining seats.

Dubbed “tailor-made luxury”, these seats will arrive at a time when the airline retires its Flagship First cabin.

“The arrival of new long-haul aircraft and the custom design of Flagship Suite® seats will provide customers with a truly private premium experience on our long-haul fleet.” – Julie Rath, Vice President of Customer Experience

Premium aircraft cabin with flat chair and side table.
Flagship suites will offer ‘flat’ lounger-style seating, plus other perks | © American Airline

Bigger and better: more premium seats to be added in economy cabins

In 2016, American Airlines became the first US airline to offer Premium Economy seats on its long-haul flights. Now, following the cabin’s popularity, the airline has included in its announcement that more Premium Economy seats will be added along with a redesign to add a bit of newness.

By 2026, American is expected to increase its total seating capacity by 45%, as the Boeing 787 aircraft will feature 51 Flagship suites alongside 32 Premium Economy seats, and the Airbus A321XR will feature 20 Flagship suites and 12 Premium Economy seats.

Side view of Premium seats in Economy cabin.
Popular Premium Economy cabins will also see an increase in the AA fleet | © American Airlines

Refreshing: New American Airlines cabins include existing fleet

2024 is expected to be a busy year for the airline as it is also expected to “refresh” its Boeing 777-300ER by adding the previously mentioned flagship suites. This will see 20 of the airline’s already established fleet undergo a transformation towards the end of 2024 to create a more cohesive aircraft unit.

The Airbus A321T will also see some changes in a similar department, as the airline aims to align all 16 aircraft with its other A321 models.

Members of the AAdvantage loyalty club will be able to earn reward tickets by accumulating miles, which will allow them access to the flagship suites which will begin in 2024.

What do you think of American Airlines’ plans for a new cabin? Let us know in the comments below!

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