Delta Premium Select cabins get a major upgrade

Delta is improving the experience in its premium economy cabin on board long-haul flights, the Atlanta-based airline announced Tuesday. Passengers hoping for an extra touch of luxury at an affordable price will find roomier seats, complimentary sparkling wine and premium meal service, as well as handmade comfort kits, new memory foam pillows fitness and more in the airline’s Premium Select cabin.

The new benefits come as premium economy class seating is trending with travellers: many airlines in the industry are upgrading their premium economy class cabins or introducing them for the first time. “As we emerge from the pandemic, we are seeing that customers have more of an appetite for premium experiences,” said Mauricio Parise, vice president of brand experience at Delta. “Delta Premium Select sits at the intersection of luxury and convenience, giving customers the ability to afford a more spacious seat and premium experience at a lower price.”

The airline launched its Delta Premium Select cabin in 2017 on select long-haul flights and has since expanded the service to include more routes and aircraft types. Cabin class is now available on widebody aircraft operating all Delta flights to Asia and 80% of its transatlantic flights, including most of its flights to Europe.

Here are some of the things passengers can expect, starting today, September 20.

More comfortable seats

Delta Premium Select seats are roomier than their regular economy counterparts, with 19 inches in width, 38 inches of legroom and seven inches of recline. (Regular economy seats are 18 inches wide, with 31 inches of recline and four inches of recline.) The seats also come with an adjustable leg and footrest to position for added support and a better relaxation in the air.

Each of the new Delta Premium Select amenity kits is handcrafted by artisans in Oaxaca.

Peter Garritano/Delta

Luxury amenities for every passenger

Premium Select passengers will also enjoy other benefits such as noise canceling headphones, memory foam pillows and cozy blankets made from recycled materials, all of which are waiting in the seat upon boarding. A scented oshibori towel, scented with vanilla and orange peel, will be distributed before meals.

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