Discover the first class cabins on Qantas 20-hour flights

Earlier this year, Qantas announced Project Sunrise‘ – the airline’s ambitious plan for state-of-the-art supersonic flight which will fly direct from Sydney and Melbourne to London and New York in 2025. It arrives in around 8 p.m., making it the longest non-stop passenger flight in the world. The ambitious and futuristic move is set to be executed in an Airbus A350, an ultra-long-range aircraft specifically designed for the incredibly long overhaul trip from Australia’s east coast to the UK and US.

These new Airbuses are equipped to get you flying for 18-20 hours, but if you’re one of the top pilots around, you’ll get the maximum level of long-haul luxury in their brand. new first class cabins.

Talk to Executive Traveler, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce described these new suites as “great first class”, and boy does that ring true. Each of the A350s will come with six first-class suites which will be arranged in a two-row 1-1-1 configuration for maximum space. Each space will come with an armchair and a bed (instead of the usual seat-that-converts-to-a-bed situation) and will be surrounded by a high wall with a sliding door for privacy, a marked difference from in the first-class cabins of the Qantas A380s.

In addition to this, the suites will be equipped with a personal wardrobe, personal storage space for hand luggage, a hidden drawer with your own pair of slippers, a lighted mirror and a screen. 32 inch HD video filled with thousands of hours. Entertainment. First class passengers will also receive a tablet, which, in addition to many other things, will allow them to control their suite’s mood lighting, as well as their temperature and humidity levels as part of Project Sunrise wellness program.

As for how much a first-class pass will cost you, no one seems to know yet – but whether you’re a bazillion or not, this wild new frontier of international travel is coming in 2025, and everyone on board has access to a snack bar there. -free self-service bar, as well as a resident “wellness zone” where you can watch videos of the best stretches you should do while suspended in the air for two days in an air-conditioned metal tube. How’s that for luxury?

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