Double-decker airplane cabins could be the future of air travel

Air travel has come a long way since the days of Lewis and Clark, but one thing remains constant: uncomfortably cramped neighborhoods. However, aircraft designers have worked hard to try and change this without having to reduce the number of passengers an aircraft can accommodate (i.e., profits for airlines).

Aircraft designers have been playing around with several different seating concepts, including standing seats, but it’s the tiered aircraft cabins that are really popular lately: Zephyr introduced such two-story reclining seats last year, which quickly went viral.

See you this year Crystal cabin price, which judges aircraft interior innovation, a similar two-tier cabin was introduced called Chaise Longue Economy Seat Project. It was designed by 21-year-old Alejandro Nuñez Vicente from Spain who studies at TU University in Delft in the Netherlands.

Its concept differed from other multi-level cabin ideas in that it suggested alternating each row of seats between floor seats and raised seats, getting rid of luggage bins to make more space, instead. to store hand luggage under the seats. He said CNN Travel that he believed it would increase legroom.

“The lower row has the advantage for passengers to live the lounge experience of a sofa by stretching the legs, while the upper row offers an SUV experience, for example allowing to cross the legs thanks to the space for increased legs and overall living space, “he said.

Vicente’s design would not only give people more legroom and more room to move around the aisles, it would also allow more room to recline, without worrying about lying on them. knees of another passenger behind you, or being kicked in the back during the entire flight.

Right now, Vicente’s concept is just that: a concept. However, he’s working with a few professors from TU Delft to pitch his idea to the airlines and get the ball rolling, which means it’s very possible you’ll see double-decker airline cabins before long.

“At the moment, this is an internal, student-led university project that has yet to be officially presented to airlines. However, some companies in the aerospace sector have already expressed interest in the Chaise Lounge Economy Seat project, presenting possible opportunities for future collaborations, ”he said.

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