Electro-expandable camper mushrooms in a hard-sided cabin

Motorhome manufacturers often take a single path from the fork in the road between a low, aerodynamic pop-up motorhome with fabric walls and a fixed but sturdy hard-sided motorhome. The Oregon Cube Series startup, on the other hand, charges straight through the fork, finding clever middle ground by creating a motorhome with a power-operated roof lift and folding top walls. Camper QB ducks during the ride and climbs into a spacious, rock-solid shelter at camp. If the Big Bad Wolf were to pass, he might blow through the flapping fabric walls of your buddy’s RV, but you won’t even hear him huff and puff outside the QB.

The Cube series is certainly not the first to break the rigid pop-up motorhome code. Manufacturers like Hiatus use a similar folding wall panel system; those like Rossmönster use a hard-sided upper roof module that fits over the lower walls; and a popular startup matches the brashness of the Tesla Cybertruck with an overhead telescoping design.

However, we haven’t seen a hard-sided pop-up motorhome shaped, styled, or built quite like the Cube Series QB. When closed, the QB motorhome resembles an inverted pyramid that tapers and juts inward from its roof at the base which sits in the pickup bed. It stands 44.5 inches (113cm) tall before sliding into the truck and is designed to ride low enough that the truck can still fit inside the average garage or parking lot.

Cube series keeps QB’s weight at around 1,100 pounds

cubic series

Once the driver has chosen the perfect plot of land and thrown the truck into park, he or she presses a button to activate the electro-actuated expansion system. The upper left and right side walls automatically rise with the roof until they are at full height. The user then manually lifts the top segments of the front and rear walls from their flat position to create a tight, tight fit inside the roof molding. The process takes about 60 seconds, according to Cube Series. Here is a rough animation of how this happens:

The Cube series motorhome rendering

The fully extended QB camper isn’t quite a geometrically accurate cube, due to its tapered base, but it’s pretty close, measuring 90 inches (229 cm) from the 90.5 x square pickup bed. 90.5 inches (230 x 230 cm) roof. Maybe if Cube ever breaks outside the pickup box and makes a frame-mounted or flatbed motorhome, he can cube it completely.

Inside the step-accessed rear door, Cube installs an ultra-efficient floor plan with a four-seat dinette and two benches all the way forward, a main galley block with two-burner stove, sink and 28-L undercounter microwave in the rear passenger side corner and a 48 liter refrigerator and storage cabinet in the rear driver side corner. Between the front door and the fridge cabinet, it even manages to fit an extra bench seat that opens to reveal an electric cassette toilet.

Driver's side cabinet includes pantry and refrigerator
Driver’s side cabinet includes pantry and refrigerator

cubic series

The dinette converts to a 44 x 80 in (112 x 203 cm) double bed at night. We think the design could benefit from the type of alcove common in motorhomes, giving it a permanent cabover bed and a convertible-dinette bed available for three or four berths in total. But we assume the QB wouldn’t really be a cube in this case and the addition would complicate the lifting mechanism and add extra weight. It is therefore a simple folding dinette bed.

Cube retains elbow room around its modestly sized interior by using a number of retractable pieces of furniture, from the pull-out TV stand available in the back of the dining bench, to the pull-out electrical outlets, and the guard. -retractable eating. The QB comes wired with a 12V deep cycle AGM battery, 55A converter/charger, 30A shore outlet and preparation for plug-and-play solar charging and generator connection. It also comes standard with an 18,000 BTU furnace and a 79.5 L fresh water tank.

Aerial view of the Cube QB series bed and floor plan
Aerial view of the Cube QB series bed and floor plan

cubic series

Using all aluminum and composite construction, Cube is able to keep the QB’s weight between 1,100 and 1,200 pounds (500 and 544 kg), impressively light for an expandable motorhome with hard sides.

Cube says the QB motorhome can fit the entire line of pickup trucks, from popular midsize models like the Toyota Tacoma and Ford Ranger, to full-size bestsellers like the Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado, to new electric models like the Rivian R1T. Prices start at US$33,827 and optional extras include a lithium battery upgrade, air conditioning and a Dish Tailgater satellite TV setup.

Cube is also working on a $46,262, 1,600 lb (726 kg) trailer that uses a similar deployable hard-sided design. The four-minute clip below goes beyond animation and shows physical camper QB settling and breaking down, before switching back to animation to preview the trailer.

The Cube series motorhome

Source: Cube Series

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