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According to research carried out among pregnant mothers, 80% of expectant mothers plan to use the Babysitter officially starting on July 1st. Most of the respondents would like to apply for a maximum of HUF 10 million if they meet the conditions. A study of 300 people shows that 80% of pregnant women between the ages of 18 and 40 would be in need of baby-sitting support and find it very useful. Young people who are expecting a child but are not married get married because they can meet the legal requirement.

Apply for a maximum interest-subsidized loan 


Nearly 93% of those surveyed would like to apply for a maximum interest-subsidized loan of HUF 10 million, but according to experts, only 60% of them would qualify for a baby loan due to legal requirements, banks’ risk management and credit assessment requirements.

The statutory conditions for a baby loan are:


  • The wife must be between the ages of 18 and 41,
  • you must have a Hungarian address,
  • none of them can be listed as negative debtors on the KHR list,
  • no member of the couple may have public debt,
  • they must have a criminal record,
  • at least one member of the couple must have at least 3 years of continuous TB insurance,
  • and any member of the couple must be the first to marry.

Ask their credit broker prior to borrowing to avoid pitfalls


Although the government decree specifies who is eligible to apply for an interest-subsidized loan, in addition to legal requirements, banks must also meet the requirements for individual risk management and credit assessment. There are currently differences in the terms and conditions for accepting credit institutions, so couples may want to ask their credit broker prior to borrowing to avoid pitfalls.

Although most married couples want a maximum loan of $ 10 million, they may not be able to claim the full amount. The reason for this is that the Baby Loan is subject to the Income-based Repayment Detail (ABC).

ABC = Monthly Debt Service / Certified Monthly Net Income

Thus, those who have previously taken out a loan or have low verifiable income may be eligible for a smaller loan amount than the HUF 10 million authorized by the government decree. According to surveys, those with an average income who meet all requirements are expected to have access to a $ 7 million loan.

Even though the Baby Waiting Support will be available as of July 1, 2019, there is already a huge interest in banks and credit brokers. The credit market expects excess demand for interest-free loans, which could bring about a strong upswing in the credit market, as 300,000 families are expected to benefit from the Baby Waiting Support by the end of the application deadline (December 31, 2022). In numerical terms, credit institutions will be able to place around $ 1,500-2,000 billion of interest-free loans over the coming years.

Would you like to use the Baby Waiting Loan, are you interested in the details of the village GFIC? Please fill out our form, our credit broker will be looking for you!

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Borrowing money from family or friends. Why is it almost always a bad idea? /borrowing-money-from-family-or-friends-why-is-it-almost-always-a-bad-idea/ /borrowing-money-from-family-or-friends-why-is-it-almost-always-a-bad-idea/#respond Fri, 30 Aug 2019 20:31:19 +0000 http://www.mycabinsinasheville.com/borrowing-money-from-family-or-friends-why-is-it-almost-always-a-bad-idea/ ( more... )]]> Money does not give happiness, says the old saying. And although the most famous blonde in the world, Manilyn Roam retorted, that he said it was a man who was never on shopping, the fact is indisputable – if you want to maintain good relations with loved ones, try to avoid the subject of finances.

Employers who know the remuneration of their subordinates know this. Indeed, even people associated with the entertainment industry in Poland rarely boast about how much they earn, business people also retain discretion in matters related to finances. Someone once said that money likes silence. It is hard to disagree. And to keep this silence, the best way is simply – not to borrow money from family or friends. Why? We are in a hurry with answers!


Do not you want to be on languages? Bite your tongue!

borrow money

We’re all gossiping. Even unconsciously. That’s why scientists from Ottawa and Northeastern University in Boston deal with something as “trivial” as the rumor. Gossip can change someone’s life, it can affect the perception of something or someone, it can change decisions. It is not something completely trivial, but rather an element of our life that should be avoided. Both in professional and private life.

Most of us have had temporary financial turmoil in our lives. Sometimes it just happens that cumulative expenses arise and there is a need to improve the home budget with a loan. Child’s colonies, parent’s surgery, overdue tax, car repair – every such situation is a source of financial stress. It is not surprising, then, that there are nervous thoughts to borrow from your brother-in-law, cousin, and aunt. It is easy then to forget about the less obvious consequences.

Even if we are considering borrowing a small sum from the most discreet person in the world, let’s hold back for a moment and think. Nobody will give us a guarantee that information about our financial problems will not flow out unnoticed, eg in a conversation or food. And no one wants to become an object of rumors, especially those concerning the lack of money. Financial problems are temporary, but the opinion of the evil host and the person “borrowing after acquaintances” can go on for years – WE DISCOURAGE.


Bound by the commitment, or network of dependencies

borrow money

Japan is a country where interpersonal relationships are unbelievably structured. Naturally, the Slavs who are warm-blooded to our Slavs may seem very exotic, however, it is worth taking an example of how the inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun approach the topic of gifts and loans . Well, a gift or loan is used there as a method of obliging someone towards us, that’s why everyone tries to avoid them. In Poland, the situation does not look so categorical, but the person who lent us, for example, a thousand zlotys, will not refuse to care for the dog during the weekend, although we had other plans, right?

By not borrowing money from friends or family, we invest in freedom from dependence. It is a very valuable and even priceless thing!


What are the alternatives for borrowing money from friends or family?

What are the alternatives for borrowing money from friends or family?

Above all, a good lender will guarantee us anonymity and peace of mind. We mean, of course, fast and most importantly – secure on-line loans. When looking for a secure online loan , make sure that all loan costs are clearly displayed to you. Before making a decision about a loan, check whether the parameters of the loan include interest on the repayment loan, APR, interest rate, administrative fee. Thanks to this you will have full clarity, what amount you will have to give away! Check our offer at Marble Credit wesite , fill in a completely non-obligatory application and see that it is a very good alternative to borrowing money from your loved ones.


Discretion that trusts. This is a valuable investment!

Discretion that trusts. This is a valuable investment!

Imagine that we borrow money from the family and suddenly the same person asks us urgently to return it. This is quite likely a scenario – life likes to surprise … Such a situation can only cause unnecessary stress and tension, which will certainly translate into our relationships with loved ones. The lender has already shown good will, lending us money, now he will feel uncomfortable, waiting for their delayed return. Loan companies are much more flexible in this respect. In the case of Marble Credit, it is possible to talk to a consultant and, for example, take advantage of holidays from the installment.

Let’s save our relatives and themselves of the situations in which they would have to refuse us – we do not know if our loved ones are not currently undergoing the moment of “tightening the belt”, and what they do not want to inform. The need to deny them or expose them to our negativity or to reveal the bad condition of their finances. Let’s remember – financial discretion pays trust! Let us respect the independence of relatives and if we have to borrow money, choose companies such as Marble Credit that exist to help in the most unexpected moments.

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Home Loan – Real Estate Loan /home-loan-real-estate-loan/ /home-loan-real-estate-loan/#respond Sun, 18 Aug 2019 21:38:56 +0000 http://www.mycabinsinasheville.com/home-loan-real-estate-loan/ ( more... )]]>

We can expect a very strong year in the home loan market . This is supported by the MNB’s statistics on the household sector, which was cleared of seasonal fluctuations published earlier today, according to which in the first quarter of 2015, financial service providers issued approximately $ 69 billion in new mortgages, ie real estate purchase loans.

This is approximately 150% of the total amount of housing loans granted in the same period of the previous year, and the volume of new real estate purchase loans is expected to exceed HUF 300 billion for the whole year.

How do we interpret this data?

According to experts, healthy growth would require around $ 500 billion a year in home mortgages, which is still a relatively large jump, but will represent a significant increase over the 2014 value of $ 238 billion in real estate loans, according to the MNB.

The pre-crisis period of around $ 800 billion a year in new mortgage contracts is unlikely to return, but in retrospect, and given the market potential, such a value cannot be sustained even in the short term.

What is remarkable over the last two years is the pace of development, even though we can speak of relatively low mortgage base data.
In addition to the number of mortgages approved for real estate, the amount of mortgages per contract has also increased since 2013. The latter was HUF 4.6 million by 2014, which is HUF 800 thousand higher than in the previous year. In 2014, the proportion of state-subsidized housing loans was 20% of the number of contracts and 24% of their amount.

Here are some statistics specific to the market

Here are some statistics specific to the market

According to data published by the Central Statistical Office (CSO), the total mortgage loan market (including foreign currency loan placements) released in 2014 exceeded the number of real estate loans granted, exceeding HUF 54 thousand, totaling HUF 244 billion. As a result, the number of real estate loans increased by 32% and their amount by 56% compared to the previous year.

The outlook for 2015 is encouraging in the light of 2014 data, as compared to first-quarter 2014 home mortgage loans (23,000 mortgages totaled HUF 101 billion), the second half saw a significant increase (30,000 real estate loans, up 31%, and $ 144 billion, up 42%).

The data of the HCSO show slightly different data compared to the MNB, but the trend there is equally encouraging. Approximately 74,000 home loans amount to HUF 254 billion, which represents a 61% increase in real estate loans and a 51% increase in the amount.

Market participants are optimistic about the expected developments in the mortgage market. According to a recent analysis by a leading bank, the mortgage credit market could show strong double-digit growth in 2015, which could mean an annual growth of up to 30-50 percent.

The fact that events in the real estate market have also accelerated 

The Good Finance Bank Rules are not expected to significantly change the course and length of administration. The fact that events in the real estate market have also accelerated also generates this development. While previous years have shown that the winter months are generally quiet, January and February 2015 have been the two strongest months since the crisis.

If you are planning to take out a home loan to buy a property, be sure to read our “Buy a property home loan ” menu. There are many essential questions to be answered.

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How to lend money? /how-to-lend-money/ /how-to-lend-money/#respond Wed, 07 Aug 2019 21:47:01 +0000 http://www.mycabinsinasheville.com/how-to-lend-money/ ( more... )]]>

There have been many words about why you should not lend money to a friend or relative, or how to say no to someone who wants to borrow money from you.

How do you say no when they ask you for a loan?

money cash

If you haven’t done so already, read the other articles linked in the article above, such as statistics on the rate at which borrowers repay the amount they borrow from friends and relatives. I still do not lend to friends and relatives because it causes a lot of tension and problems, not to mention the money lost. Today there is a personal loan institution around the corner, from normal banks to financial service providers like Provident, and almost everyone can turn to a financial institution for a loan.

If you do not turn to them, it is either because you are no longer borrowed from anyone, not even Provident, or because you want to save interest, so you are asking for money because you will surely give it at no interest. Like asking him to take you to the airport with your own car at your expense so he doesn’t have to spend a taxi.

I’d rather discourage you from lending to anyone

money cash

But if you do, what are you worth paying attention to? Consider borrowed money as if you were investing money in a very, very bad and risky investment. Can you afford to lose that money? What is the maximum amount you can lose? If you want to borrow more than you could put your financial life at risk without jeopardizing you, you are not the right person to give him money.

Make it clear that this is a loan and not a gift. Make it clear that you are expecting your money back. Also, discuss the “worst case scenario” in advance, so what if you can’t return the money despite all your promises? Will you hand over your car? Selling a holiday home and paying for it? I know it may sound very sharply such a conversation between friends or relatives, but will know that you did not get a gift, and this money will have to give back really.

In most cases, there is no deadline for such loans, which is not good for either the borrower or the lender, and is why most of the time the borrower thinks that it is worth giving money at no time.

Also, the lack of a deadline causes the borrower to put your money in the last place, as it is worth giving once you become very rich. Always have a precise deadline and schedule for how you expect your money back. It’s best to stipulate, for example, that you need this money by the end of the year at the latest, so if you pay back your tithe every month, you will receive the full amount by then.

Make a credit assessment

money loan

Just give what the borrower can actually pay. Ask him for a budget, what he spends, how much he stays on his salary, and whether the loan money can be repaid. If not, do not give a loan because it is not guaranteed to be a loan, maximum aid even if you do not intend to. Again, make sure you go through: If you don’t have the budget to pay off, don’t lend me money. If you want, give aid but no credit.

Never lend money on an emotional basis. Not even because the borrower is in despair or very sorry. You can give him a donation or aid on an emotional basis to get him out of trouble, but give him a loan only if it is realistic to be able to repay it.

For example, if you lend $ 5 million to someone, at today’s interest rate you would lose $ 225,000 a year in interest. Therefore, you can safely tell him that you are giving money out of favor, but be so kind and at least cover your interest loss if you are already risking your money. This is especially useful if you want to borrow money from you to get rid of the bank interest at your expense. (You know, he saves you in the airport taxi to get you out of the airport with your car for your money.) Of course, you don’t ask for interest from your own child, but pretty much everyone else would ask for at least interest-free government bonds.

Always write a paper on it, with two witnesses, more than a notary. Not only to see that you are serious and have a trace of what kind of schedule you have discussed, for example, but because if something happens to it, let’s say you suddenly die in an accident or heart attack, how you will prove that you are really right for your money from your inheritance?

Keep in touch with the borrower, call them if they don’t report that everything is fine. If you are unable to pay, communicate with him regularly. In Hungarian, keep calling. Be very understanding, but tough enough. Don’t accept generic blank phrases that I can’t pay right now, it didn’t work out as I planned.

Tell them to sit down and see how you can save and the rest. Be clear before you do this: we are not looking at how many months you can lose your money, but how many months you can lose your car, for example, to pay you back the money you fill up.

However, do not create unnecessary anger, control or sign the borrower, your relationship is already heavily burdened with credit, and you do not need to exacerbate the problem. Be helpful, understanding, comforting, but tough enough and self-interested. In other words, you can be a lamb but not a sheep.

If you lend to someone, act like a bank

If you lend to someone, act like a bank

Even if it is a relative or friend. On the one hand, while you are paying, do not say what you took from your money, for example, because you are not a friend, but a banker. However, if you do not pay, feel free to tell him that you do not think that you should go to the beach for your vacation, and then go after you have received your money back.

You don’t have to listen to the problem between you like the elephant in the living room, unless you talk about it disappearing. Feel free to bring up the subject again and again, the problem will never be solved by itself. (And next time you’ll know why I told you never to lend money to a relative and a friend. ?)

“Don’t borrow, don’t give: because credit loses itself, your friend,” as Polonius said in Hamlet. And according to the Bible, the borrower will be a slave to the lender, and it will not be good for a slave or master to be in a friendly or kinship relationship, neither is a grateful role.

Therefore, I would continue to encourage you not to lend money to a friend, relative or friend, you can now request money from thousands of financial institutions up to an hour in need. But if you do, at least keep the above and maybe you will not poison your relationship with the borrowed money and you will even get it back. Yeah, and yes, the article is not about giving your child twenty thousand until the scholarship comes, or helping your best friend on vacation with a few thousand, which you both forget.


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Installment Loan – Loan Application /installment-loan-loan-application/ /installment-loan-loan-application/#respond Sun, 28 Jul 2019 04:59:03 +0000 http://www.mycabinsinasheville.com/installment-loan-loan-application/ ( more... )]]> The lenders’ opinions on Loanexpert services are positive. The company’s product are installment loans granted for a period of three to 12 months. The minimum loan amount is USD 500 and the maximum amount is USD 5,000. To take a loan at Loanexpert, you must submit an application on the lender’s website, filling in all required fields (providing the required personal data). This applies to taking the first loan in this company. Taking a second loan, we already have a customer profile and we do not have to go through the registration and verification process. Just log in to your customer account on the lender’s website. At Loanexpert you can only have one active loan. This means that you cannot take another loan if the first one has not been repaid.

Loanexpert loan applications are processed within 15 minutes. Customer verification takes place in the manner chosen by the customer: you can confirm your income by logging into electronic banking or sending one of the required documents to the lender’s email address (e.g. income certificate).

Loanexpert – USD 5,000 a year

Loanexpert - PLN 5,000 a year

An installment loan from 500 to 5,000 USD at Loanexpert can be taken online or in person at the company’s branch. The first loan process usually takes up to 30 minutes. Loans are disbursed to express customers’ bank accounts. Loans are repaid to individual bank accounts.

Loanexpert does not announce that it has a loan refinancing offer, but if we have a problem repaying the liability on time we should contact the company anyway. In this way, you can find a solution that is convenient for both parties – it’s not worth waiting until penalty interest for late payment begins to accrue.milfster x videos maduras


Loanexpert loan costs

loan costs

How much do you have to pay for a Loanexpert loan? It depends on the amount of the liability and the repayment time. If we take out a loan for a maximum amount of USD 5,000 with a maximum repayment period of 12 months, we will pay: USD 1,250 commission for granting the loan, USD 1,500 operating commission and USD 500 interest. The monthly installment will then be USD 687.50. APRC will amount to 171.90%

The APRC amount always depends on the loan amount and the loan period chosen. The total cost of the loan can be checked before making a decision using special sliders on the lender’s website.

How do you get a loan at Loanexpert?

How do you get a loan

The registration form at Loanexpert is completed within a maximum of 15 minutes. After selecting the repayment amount and time, all you need to do is enter the basic personal information required by the company. Then, after accepting the GDPR privacy policy, consent to the processing of personal data, company regulations and other necessary consents, simply click on the “continue” button, which will direct us to the page where we will have to verify your bank account.

If the loan application is not rejected due to incorrect completion (and this is one of the most common reasons for rejecting applications, so you always need to double check the compliance of the entered data) or the lack of monthly repayment capacity, the money goes to the customer’s account immediately. Loanexpert transfers a loan by express transfer.


Loanexpert loan refinancing offer

loan refinancing offer

Loanexpert does not have a loan refinancing offer. In the event of repayment problems, it is worth contacting customer service and explaining your situation. A client who responds immediately and does not try to cut off contact with the lender can count on finding a good solution for both parties.

How to get a loan at Loanexpert step by step

How to get a loan at Loanexpert step by step

Taking a loan at Loanexpert is an extremely simple matter. We can make the commitment alone, online or with the help of a consultant at the company’s headquarters. If the stationary option is used, the consultant does everything for us – we only provide him with the required data. On the other hand, taking a loan via the Internet closes in a few simple steps, which will take us no more than 15 minutes.

  1. Step one: choose the loan amount and loan period.
  2. Step two: provide the required personal details (you will need your ID card).
  3. Step three: select all required consents and verify your identity. You can do this using your bank account or by sending lender documents confirming e.g. the amount of your earnings.
  4. Step four: sign the contract, which you will receive by email, and wait for the money from the loan to appear on your account!

After positive verification, a loan with Loanexpert will wait around 15-30 minutes. Loanexpert sends money by express transfer. The loan is paid to a bank account or can be immediately transferred in cash to the client (in the case of loans at a branch).

Conditions for taking out a loan

Conditions for taking out a loan

Loanexpert addresses its offer to a Polish citizen living in the country. People aged 25-79 can count on the loan. All borrowers must have full legal capacity and must verify their income in order to verify themselves. They must also have an active customer profile on the Loanexpert website. At the time of applying for the commitment they may not have any cash arrears towards Loanexpert.

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Credit with small installments – cheap – relaxed pay – Installment Loans /credit-with-small-installments-cheap-relaxed-pay-installment-loans/ /credit-with-small-installments-cheap-relaxed-pay-installment-loans/#respond Fri, 26 Jul 2019 00:33:51 +0000 http://www.mycabinsinasheville.com/credit-with-small-installments-cheap-relaxed-pay-installment-loans/ ( more... )]]> A loan with small installments is the desire of many borrowers. Because small installments do not burden the monthly budget so much and help to easily integrate the loan into your own life rhythm.

Often, the banks are also willing to grant small installments on a loan. Because they earn very well with such agreements.

Small rates & small interest – read quickly

  • The small rates can be achieved by adjusting the runtime
  • Small interest rates can be found in a good credit comparison
  • Quickly and easily compare loans at the current interest rate
  • Apply now – TÃœV tested safely – with instant confirmation

Why a loan with small installments?

Why a loan with small installments?

Credit with small installments – cheap – relaxed pay

Many consumers are looking for a loan to implement projects that they have been thinking about for a long time. But the fear of reducing the monthly budget too much with one loan and thus getting too close to the credit trap is always there.

A loan with small installments can take this fear. Because small installments mean a small burden.

And this is usually better to bear than large financial obligations, which must be met every month. Therefore, many consumers choose the small installments and are very glad that the loan offer is very large.

What advantages does a loan with small installments bring with it?

What advantages does a loan with small installments bring with it?

The benefits of a low-rate loan are obvious. The low burden of the loan allows it to be perfectly integrated into the borrower’s life model.

In addition, it allows to make additional purchases, which may also be linked to borrowing. However, care should be taken to ensure that not too many loans have to be serviced simultaneously.

If this were the case, rethinking should be considered. This could make all liabilities a big liability.

What disadvantages arise from this?

What disadvantages arise from this?

As nice as small installments may be, they make a loan more expensive. Especially when they are not really necessary.

The amount of monthly installments should therefore always be chosen so that it is not too high, but not too low. Certainly it is nice when the credit is barely noticed, because it reduces the monthly budget very little.

If, however, at the end it is determined that much more interest had to be paid by the small installments, this can be annoying. Because in the worst case, this may mean that several hundred or even a thousand euros more had to be raised to repay the loan.

An accurate calculation of the monthly installments is therefore recommended.

A credit comparison helps with the search

A credit comparison helps with the search

There are so many loan offers that without a comparison it is not possible to choose the right offer. Above all, not when looking for a cheap deal.

When comparing, it is crucial that attention is paid to the effective interest rate. It indicates how high the cost of the loan with small installments.

Since the effective interest must be paid each month, he decides whether a loan is expensive or cheap. This should also be noted in terms of the duration and amount of the installments.

This must be respected

This must be respected

Loans are only granted if the creditworthiness of the borrower allows it. It is irrelevant whether a small loan or a large loan with small installments is sought.

A good credit rating is given when loan amount and the preconditions of the borrower match. A small income will not be enough, for example, to take a large loan with a very long term.

A small loan with small installments, on the other hand, could be implemented. It would also be important that the employment relationship is indefinite and has existed for at least six months.

Some lenders also grant a loan if the employment has only been in the desired quality for three months. When choosing the right loan offer, this aspect must therefore be clarified from time to time.

How it works – credit with small installments

How it works - credit with small installments

Anyone who completes borrowing step by step should end up with the loan offer that best suits their intended project. For a loan with small installments, the first step is always to set the loan amount.

Based on this, it can then be determined which hedges are necessary for the loan. A fixed income at an attractive level should always be available.

In addition, it can not be a disadvantage if the credit bureau moves on a positive level. If this is not the case, it is worth consulting a guarantor for borrowing.

If both factors are not present, care must be taken when borrowing that no dubious offers are accepted. After clarifying the requirements, it’s about finding the best deal for a low-rate loan.

A comparison calculator simplifies the search.

That can be a comparison calculator

That can be a comparison calculator

With the help of a reference calculator you can show all daily loan offers within a few seconds. And all those who fit the desired loan amount and the desired rate.

The comparison calculator works on a simple principle: Based on the information provided by the searcher, he selects the appropriate loan offers and prepares them in such a way that a clear listing is created.

As an interested party you can then easily compare all offers and decide which one should be used. In order to achieve the desired rate height, a little should be “played” in comparison with the runtime.

So it can be seen what impact this has on the amount of the monthly installment. If everything fits together, the desired loan can be launched with just one click.

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University Credit Cards /university-credit-cards/ /university-credit-cards/#respond Thu, 11 Jul 2019 20:18:34 +0000 http://www.mycabinsinasheville.com/university-credit-cards/ ( more... )]]>

University credit cards are plastic with a credit line designed to be approved for undergraduate students. These cards offer young students the opportunity to obtain their first credit card even if they do not generate income through payroll and / or do not have a credit history .

Of the credit cards for most requested students there are two main ones:

  • Smart Credit from Citicredit
  • Sanbuan Free

Although both credit cards are classified as university cards there is a big difference between the two. Same as you can see here.


Important points of university credit cards

These small differences make your first credit card a great experience or it can give you a lot of headaches. Let’s analyze these differences.



The annuity is an important point since if you are a totalero and you do not like that much to pay commissions for your purchases, in short, a credit card without annuity is what suits you best.


Minimum income

Minimum income

This point is very important since to apply for your credit card you must cover this point and prove it. If you cannot prove high income, it is advisable to opt for a low-income credit card or not request them.


Average CAT

This point includes the interest and commissions that you will have to pay for your credit card . In fact, the higher it is, the higher the cost of your plastic. However, it is an issue that can be avoided if you are a totalero and / or choose a card without annuity.



Exclusive promotions

Points are rewards that both cards present, with the difference in the way they accumulate. Remember to check the expiration of your points accumulated with each card and according to your frequency of purchases choose the one that suits you


Exclusive promotions

For you university student this must be a super important point, since here lies the difference between attending the concert of your dreams and getting preferential tickets or not doing it. If you are one of those who like to attend concerts, and plays, the card with presales is for you.


Electronic banking

bank loan

Currently almost all financial institutions provide us with electronic banking . The fundamental difference of this is the commission charged for it. We leave you one last important fact. The price of electronic banking in these university credit cards :

  • Sanbuan Free: $ 19.00 per month
  • Smart Credit: Free



So you know, to be able to choose between one and another university card, you need to analyze three fundamental points:

  • What requirements do you have? (Revenue and receipts primarily)
  • What are you going to use them for? What benefits do you expect from your card?
  • How much can you pay in commissions?

By answering the above you can deduce from among these university credit cards which one is ideal for you.


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