Inscryption Cabin Safe Guide – Where to Find the Safe Combination

Inscryption is a roguelike card game, but to move forward you will need to get to know both the card game itself and the room around the table. It is possible to get up between card game fights and walk around in the framework of the Encryption, investigate items, find clues, and solve puzzles that will help you move the narrative forward.

The first big puzzle you’ll need to solve is how to stand securely against a cabin wall. It is not difficult to get started, once you have the combination. But with a scary opponent to deal with, a fairly complex card game to learn, and plenty of other puzzles to figure out, it can be a bit difficult to find what you’re looking for.

Below, we’ll put you on the right path to finding the safe combination, while also providing the solution if you just prefer to have the answer. You might also want to check out our Encryption tips for beginners, and once you’ve opened the safe, read our slide puzzle guide to help you with the next booth challenge.

How to find the safe combination

While Scryption is full of puzzles, most of them are fairly straightforward, requiring you to be observant and pay attention to the characters you interact with along the way. Some of the cards you come across may speak to you, suggesting that it’s more happening with your opponent’s shadow than just a friendly game. As you progress through a few matches, you’ll get tips on what to do next. Primarily, you want to try and find other cards that can talk. Your opponent has them hidden in the room, and it’s your job to find them.

Your first stop is the safe, and you’ll get clues as to where to find the combination if you listen. It’s good practice to walk around the booth, interact with whatever you can, and pay attention to what she teaches you. The combination is written somewhere in the room, so be diligent in finding anything you can to unlock it.


The safe combination is written in the rulebook, which you’ll find to the left of your seat at the game table. It’s scribbled at the top of the page explaining the Mighty Leap seal, and you’ll be prompted to check it out afterwards. having played a few games and started to see some of the card game rules focus.

Open the safe with the 2-7-3 combination. You will need to set the number on each of the three dials, starting with the top one and working your way down.

Inside you’ll find the Stink Bug map, another character who will help you find the way out of the cabin. You will also get the Key to the Safe, which will lead you to your next big cabin mystery, the sliding puzzle drawers. Check out our guide to slide puzzles to help you understand how they work and whether you get stuck.

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