Luxury space cabins will accommodate weddings and other events

Tickets for the luxurious cabins of Space Perspective cost $150,000.

The space tourism industry is growing rapidly, so much so that events like weddings may soon be taking place.

Space Perspective – a space tourism company – recently unveiled images of its new luxury cabin. Each cabin has space for 8 people plus a pilot. It features plush, reclining chairs for ultimate comfort.

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For the ultimate view, cabins feature 360-degree windows, which use special materials to reduce glare and reflection.

Additionally, cabins feature a refreshment bar, cabinets for personal storage, and Wi-Fi connections. Guests will be able to live stream their experience. The cabins can also accommodate scientific instruments needed for research projects.

However, the cabins are not just for guided tours. They can also be reconfigured to accommodate special events, such as weddings.

The photos show that the luxury cabins will be transported into the Earth’s upper atmosphere with a giant balloon. For a soft landing, the cabins have a “splash cone” at their base.

The balloon can only reach an altitude of 30 kilometers, which is not as high as other space towers. There has been controversy over whether this constitutes true spaceflight. For example, Virgin Galactic is able to take people 50 miles in the air, while Blue Origin can reach 62 miles, breaking the internationally recognized space boundary.

Unlike its competitors, Space Perspective focuses on providing guests with a luxury experience. The cabins are meant to feel like taking a commercial flight rather than riding in a rocket, hence the reliance on a balloon.

With Space Perspective cabins, guests won’t experience the weightlessness they might experience on other space tours, which can be a plus for travelers who don’t take risks.

There has already been a lot of interest in the new Space Perspective cabins. Wio News reports that the company has already sold more than 600 tickets. A single ticket costs $150,000. If all goes according to plan, cabins will begin taking off for tours of Kennedy Space Center in Florida by 2024.

Each visit will last 6 hours, the balloon rising gradually to 20 km/h. The last hour it will spend descending to the surface of the Earth.

Space Perspective was founded in 2019 by husband and wife Jane Poynter and Taber MacCallum. The pair were part of Biosphere 2, a project that attempted to recreate Earth’s conditions in space. Their history with space travel inspired them to bring the experience to the masses.

“Space Perspective is driven by a desire to share the transformative power of space travel with as many people as possible,” explains the company’s mission statement. “We know from experience that looking at planet Earth from space will dramatically change the perception of our world and our place in it.”

At this time, all Space Perspective tours are sold out. It is unclear if they will release more tickets for new tours soon.

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