Manufacture of shower enclosures, shower tray solutions, bathtubs and bathroom cabinets

Manufacture of shower enclosures, shower tray solutions, bathtubs and bathroom cabinets

Today’s bathrooms are more than just spaces that cater to cleaning needs. Bathrooms, where one can relax while freeing oneself from the stress and fatigue of everyday life, seduce their users with their functional structures. In addition to functionality, it also provides comfort of use with its durability and aesthetics in its designs. So, as expectations of bathrooms increase, our company adds value to your home by fully meeting those expectations.

Operating in Pendik, Istanbul, has been operating for over 20 years. manufacture of shower cabins, shower trays, bathtubs and manufactures bathroom furniture. Our company, which provides the most accurate and high-quality service to a wide range of customers with its variety of products, holds a leading position in the field of shower enclosures in and around its location. . Our company, which pursues its services with its policy of superior quality and reasonable prices, aims to provide you with the perfect showering pleasure and comfort at all times. Our company, which maintains its range of services quite wide by providing bathroom decoration services in addition to the production of shower enclosures, has the quality of offering extraordinary solutions to bathrooms with its products made with a 100% national production.

Our company, which does not compromise on quality with its superior understanding of products and services, offers the most accurate shower and bathroom solutions to our valued customers with its product portfolio that delivers 100% customer satisfaction. , product warranty, decoration and functionality. Our company is progressing rapidly to become an elite and leading brand in the shower enclosure manufacturing industry. Our company, which acts knowing that the best service to render to customers is satisfaction and quality, continues to maintain its position in the sector and to progress further with the principles it has acquired on this path.

Our team members who are experts in their fields at every stage, from manufacturing to assembly; quality service, quality products, fast delivery and the best price guarantee provide you with perfect service.

Our company, which brings comfort, ergonomics and quality to your living space, aims to enhance your bathrooms.

Shower bath solutions

Our company offers solutions for functional, elegant, comfortable, modern, aesthetic and durable bathroom products such as bathtubs, shower trays, bathtubs, bathroom furniture with the dedication of the first day without sacrificing the quality. It makes your bathroom both useful and comfortable with quality products.

Shower Enclosure Manufacturing Shower Enclosure Bathtub and Bathroom Cabinet Solutions bath


  • Manufacture, installation and sale of bathtubs
  • Manufacture, installation and sale of shower enclosures
  • Manufacture, installation and sale of bathroom cabinets
  • Manufacture, installation and sale of shower trays
  • Supply and sale of shower heads
  • Supply and sale of bathroom accessories

Service flows

The manufacture and sale of shower enclosures is not considered the end of the process for our company. Continuing after-sales service, the sales process is only the first step we take with the customer. After this stage, a service ensures contact between the manufacturer and the customer. Our company, which does not regard customer service as sales only, acts as a perfectionist in every product and service to provide sketch-free and perfect service with this understanding.

  • Take the measurements of the area where the product will be installed when ordering
  • Installation of the products, which have been manufactured in appropriate sizes, by members of the expert team
  • After the start of use, product maintenance is carried out as soon as possible when customers need it.
  • Investigate customer feedback, take action to improve service and identify the source of problems, if any, and solve this problem in a short time without causing customer grievances.

Although the dyes used in the manufacture of the products provide a shiny and smooth surface, they prevent the possible formation of microbes and bacteria due to the humidity of the environment. Since quality materials are used, wear is not observed even during long-term use. It retains its bright and hygienic structure for many years. In addition to the quality of the material, the products have a light structure, so that each step, from transport to assembly, is carried out easily. The models of shower enclosures produced within our company also have superior resistance to the detergents used during cleaning. If desired, automatic polishing can be used to preserve the existing shine.

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