New Jersey Glamping Guide: 7 Best Tents, Yurts & Cabins

New Jersey’s reputation may very well precede it thanks to things like mob mythology and mega malls creating serious mega traffic jams (it’s all true). And there’s the famous but sometimes infamous Jersey Shore and Atlantic City with its casinos and boardwalk. (New York is here, too.) Say what you will about the Garden State, but I’m here to remind you that it was given that superlative for a very good reason, and as with any destination, there’s more to one place. that it seems. Including, might we add, a small handful of worthy glamping experiences, i.e. luxury camping.

As a born and raised New Jerseyan – some might call me a Jersey Girl, and no I haven’t pumped my own gas for too many years – I know for sure that this little state is good for packing a lot into a relatively small area , whether it is people, highways, but also outdoor recreation. From top to bottom, New Jersey has pockets and even vast expanses of natural beauty that run the gamut from forests and wetlands in the New Jersey Pinelands National Preserve to estuaries and beaches that run down to Wildwood and Cape May. There are lakes and rivers for kayaking, country roads for biking, plenty of hiking trails, surfable swells, and humble mountains capable of offering scenic views.

New Jersey’s selection of glamping sites may not be as large and impressive as other states like California or Texas, but there are still ways to enjoy a night under the stars while sleeping. on a good king size bed, even though they are in an established campground. Whether you’re looking for pine forests or oceanfront mansions, these are the best places to glamp in New Jersey.

New Jersey’s Best Glamping Spots

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