New Zealand’s first unhitched cabin has arrived in North Auckland and is now open for bookings

Does your manic workload or this bitter winter make you want to take a break? You’re in luck – off-grid Australian accommodation provider Unyoked has finally built its first New Zealand cabin: a forest and mountain-adjacent hideaway for those desperate to get out of the city.

Australian startup Unyoked was founded by twins Cam and Chris Grant in 2016, with the aim of providing the convenience and comfort of four solid walls, along with the adventure, spontaneity and closeness to nature of camping.

It’s been a resounding success since then, with a number of compact cabins located around NSW, Victoria and Queensland for weary city dwellers seeking rest and relaxation in remote – and sometimes quite rugged – areas. It was announced in early June that they would be launching their first Aotearoa cabins this year.

It’s all in the name of wellness: Cam and Chris believe that spending time in nature is good for the body, mind and soul. The company’s ethos is to fully immerse yourself in nature – something New Zealand has plenty of, making it a pretty natural choice as the next country to conquer.

Step into Maia, a cozy plywood cabin that offers all the benefits of an off-the-grid escape – without skimping on creature comforts.

Of course, as with all Unyoked cabins, Maia’s exact location is unknown. But we do it in Ōkaihau, about three hours northwest of Auckland, and it sits on its own five-acre private grassland surrounded by native bush. Facing west, the cabin offers spectacular views of the river and evening sunsets.

The team says they ‘John Muir’d [their] off the beaten path and created an epic path to find her.”

With a two-night minimum stay for Friday and Saturday, Maia will set you back $269 for weeknights or $299 for weekends.

To learn more about Unyoked and book a stay, visit the official website.

Images: @johnny_goose

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