Repose’s new luxury off-grid eco-cabins offer stays with stunning New Zealand views

Are you looking to get out of the network and the hustle and bustle of the city? There are plenty of options around Aotearoa these days – you can stay in a unique Airbnb with incredible views or book a stay in one of the Unyoked cabins, which are due to launch this year. But two Taranaki brothers are now adding to the range of accommodation options, with their hand-built Nordic-style cabins soon to be dotted around stunning regional parts of the country.

Jack and Max Anderson (24 and 26 respectively) have launched Repose, a new eco-friendly and luxurious accommodation offering they first dreamed up during the 2021 COVID lockdown. Their first cabin, based in Lepperton, Taranaki offers incredible mountain views and is available to book now. The Andersons are currently building their second cabin which they hope to install in the Wairarapa or wider Auckland area, and as soon as that is done they will start their third.

Jack and Max said Concrete playground they hope Repose will become the go-to name for luxury cabin stays in New Zealand in the years to come, offering stressed souls a destination to “slow down and escape the chaos of everyday life”.

“Our cabins are designed to be a ‘luxury’ version of a backcountry hideaway experience – [they’ll have] the same unparalleled views, however, there is an added layer of comfort and privacy,” they said.

“The cabin is designed to be enjoyed with your loved one and is the perfect place to escape the hyper-connected world we live in for a relaxing evening or two in nature.”

If you’re looking for an off-the-grid experience that doesn’t skimp on creature comforts, these huts are the way to go.

Each cabin includes an indoor fireplace and outdoor bath, as well as a hot shower, composting toilet, kitchen and breakfast bar. And when we say comfort, we mean it – we also provide fluffy towels (for after-bath, of course), linen sheets, local soaps, board games, books, roasting marshmallows over the fire, coffee beans from a local roaster and “even our own Repose olive oil harvested and pressed by us in Northland.”

The brothers say they hope to offer the Aotearoa region as a vacation option for those who may not have considered it before – both domestic travelers and foreign tourists.

“We provide a luxury accommodation option in these small communities that have a lot to offer tourists but are often missed by large tourism operators and marketing campaigns.”

The first Repose cabin is available to book now, with the second in the Greater Auckland area expected to be completed in the coming months. Jack and Max say anyone interested in hosting one of their cabins on their “slice of paradise” should contact them at [email protected]

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