This Cozy Upper Peninsula Cabin is Far, Far Away from the Grid

How does 80 acres in the middle of nowhere sound? A property near Escanaba in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula has just been put up for sale. Talk about “off the grid”.

And doesn’t that little cabin in the woods remind you of an old-time general store, with its front door and windows behind a covered porch?

Off the Grid, Well Kind of

But being off the grid doesn’t have to mean roughing it. This cozy little cabin in UP has electricity at least most of the time. In the images below you will notice that there is a solar-electric system with battery backup and a sophisticated inverter system.

And for anyone who can’t really get off the network and turn off the cell phone or electronics (almost all of us, right?), a Wilson cell phone booster is installed to minimize dropped calls.

And even though it’s a cabin, there’s plenty of room to stretch out and relax with many of the comforts you’re used to at home. Luxurious isn’t a word you would use to describe this place, but quaint it definitely is.

This charming little cabin comes at a high price. Remember that with real estate, it’s all about location, location, location. The price of this house is 185,000 for 786 square feet.

Deer hunting on the property and beyond

Not only are there 80 acres to hunt, but the property is surrounded by hundreds of acres of public forest, likely rich in deer.

Off the grid and off the beaten track, of course.

This Cozy UP cabin is far, far from the grid

Here’s a way to put miles and miles between you and your neighbors. (But that cabin in the middle of 80 acres in UP also puts miles and miles between you and civilization.

And since you asked, there is power. At least some of the time thanks to a solar system with battery backup.

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