This Herefordshire cabin is part treehouse and part shepherd’s hut

A set of stilts ensures the sheep can still be herded under Drovers’ Bough – a holiday cabin set in a stretch of peaceful Herefordshire farmland.

Located in Golden Valley, the cabin sits on an old track used to move sheep, which meant its designer, Akin Studio, had to make sure there was space for the animals to pass. The resulting cabin straddles the path of the herdsmen, providing guests with a treehouse experience.

The practice used local materials to build Drovers’ Bough, which contributes to its rustic barn-like exterior. The piles are made of holm oak – wood cut within 18 months of felling a tree – while the cladding is roughly sawn larch.

Externally, the hideaway has a handcrafted appearance, but guests will be amazed by the interiors that greet them at the end of the long cabin entrance staircase. Inside, Akin Studio took a more refined, minimalist approach, using pale pink plaster and wooden floors. Visitors sleep in a king-size bed under the sloping roof and can have their morning tea and coffee on the terrace.

Drovers’ Bough starts at £275 per night. Wellies and torches are highly recommended.

Photography: David Grandorge

Photography: David Grandorge

Photography: David Grandorge

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