Who is Jessica in Les Cabines?

The second series of The Cabin is just around the corner with 16 new people hoping to find someone special.

Meet Jessica, a single person who says she is ready to find “true love”.


Jessica is hoping to be less picky and find her true love in The Cabin 2022.Credit: ITV

Who is Jessica in Les Cabines?

Jessica is a 25-year-old cruise ship host from London.

She owns a swimwear business called Jsea Swim.

The swimsuit sells for between £ 5.99 and £ 30.

You can check out his online store here.

Jessica currently has over 15,000 followers on her Instagram.

You can find her under the username @cruisewithjess

On her Instagram, you’ll find her showcasing all of her luxury travel destinations while promoting her swimwear collection.

Jessica also has a Facebook account which is private and a Twitter account with the username @Mscaballero

The second series of The Cabin 2022 takes place in Wales with a big twist.


The second series of The Cabin 2022 takes place in Wales with a big twist.Credit: ITV

Why did Jessica want to go on The Cabins?

Jessica has revealed that her reasons for entering The Cabin are to find “true love”.

“I want a guy who is consistent. Coherence in a man attracts me so much,

“I always feel like when I meet someone, there’s something that makes me want and I’m like, on the next one!” She explains.

“I want that to change, but there are so many options, it’s hard to be content with yours, the one that for you,

“If I got less picky, I would be fine. “

She went on to explain that she was considering being able to give someone the “criteria for what you want” in someone and they find the perfect match a “perfect date”.

“I have the impression that sometimes others know better,

“I hope in the hands of professionals they can find me the guy of my dreams.”

When does The Cabins 2022 start?

The second series of the dating show will air on ITV2 from January 3, 2022.

You can catch the first full set online now through the ITV hub here.

Be sure to follow the ITV2 social media accounts for all the latest news and gossip from The Cabins.

Visit their Instagram here and Twitter here.

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