Why the cabin was abandoned (and the attic twist explained)

In Episode 3, the Yellowjackets find a mysteriously abandoned cabin in the desert. Who did it belong to and what happened in the attic?

Warning: Spoilers for Episode 3 of Yellow jackets before.

In Yellow jackets Episode 3, “The Doll’s House”, the girls discover an abandoned cabin in the woods with a nasty surprise in the attic, asking the question: what happened to the previous owner? Following the story of a fiercely competitive high school football team whose plane crashed on its way to the national championship in 1996, Showtime’s new series features a brutal and gripping survival story, as well as a review of the trauma left behind. following. Receive rave reviews, Yellow jackets is one of the best new shows of the fall.


Distributed between 1996 and today, Yellow jackets raises many questions about what may have happened in the mysterious 19 months the team spent stranded in the Ontario wilderness before being rescued. Episode 1 indicates that they eventually resort to cold-blooded murder and ritualistic cannibalism, but how do they get there? It is also not known how many of them made it out alive. But in the most recent episode, the girls are overjoyed to find a hastily deserted cabin where they could take refuge, but something doesn’t seem quite right about this place. At first, Lottie won’t go inside, telling Taissa that she had a bad feeling about the cabin. Later, after convincing Lottie to come spend the night, Taissa finds her in the attic looking at a long, withered corpse placed upright on a chair, one of several. Yellow vests andfinal twist of episode 3.

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The presumably male body most likely belongs to the former cabin owner, but what happened to him remains a mystery. He appears to have lived on his own (if his extensive porn catalog is any indication), and the decaying state of the corpse and cabin means he’s probably been dead for years. The sitting position he finds himself in suggests suicide as a possibility, although the cause of his death is unclear. Maybe this man was hiding, out of the gate, or trying to get away from something. Being so alone in a deserted area for an extended period of time could have made him mentally unstable if he wasn’t already, possibly leading him to commit suicide.

Corpse of Yellowjackets in the attic

However, the presence of the cryptic symbol engraved in the ground complicates the situation. After appearing on a tree near the Yellow jackets plane crash site, the symbol has been seen throughout previous episodes in various locations, including on postcards sent to survivors today. This suggests that the girls aren’t the only inhabitants of the neighborhood, and that the former residents are far from friendly. It is possible that the man in the attic was murdered by them, or maybe even was one of them. If that group is still around, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before the girls cross their path. Integration into a pre-existing and isolated cannibalistic community could explain how the girls managed to survive as long as they did, as well as what happened to those who didn’t.

Perhaps the postcards are sent by members of the original community who emerged from isolation, or even former Yellowjackets who chose to stay with them. Certain events, notably around Taissa, also point to Yellow jacketssupernatural elements and rituals being at stake. However, many questions remain unanswered in Yellow jackets season 1. Hopefully the end of the series will be as strong as the start of the series, with many more twists to come.

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