Women’s Hall of Fame Honors Founder of Sissy’s Log Cabin

She’s the kind of woman who built a jewelry empire, yet will hand a pearl necklace to a friend and say, “I’m doing it because I can … because I want to.”

She’s also the type to welcome a teenage girl into her home after the girl leaves the state foster care program or donate money to a fundraiser for fry fish. ‘a small town.

So it’s no surprise that on Monday morning, Sissy Jones, founder of Sissy’s Log Cabin, was named to the 2022 Arkansas Women’s Hall of Fame.

“They called me last week and told me I was chosen,” Jones said of the award. “I have been overwhelmed and gratified by the recognition. It is wonderful. I am touched by this award.”

But she couldn’t help but add, “There are so many others who deserve it more than me.”

Jones was selected as a contemporary inductee as the founder of Sissy’s and its status as “the state’s largest independent family-owned jewelry store and one of the Mid-South’s largest fine jewelry retailers,” according to Ashley Hight, the Women’s Hall of Fame. spokesperson.

But that’s more than Jones’ business acumen.

Jones donates thousands of dollars of jewelry each year to organizations that raise funds to cure cancer and other debilitating diseases, community centers, and those who feed the hungry or rebuild homes that have been burnt down.

“Jones has always focused her life and her business on helping her community, her business and at the same time becoming a leading philanthropist in the state,” Hight said.

The nonprofit Arkansas Women’s Hall of Fame is managed by the North Little Rock Chamber of Commerce and guided by a board of directors, which has formed a selection committee to seek nominations from the public.

“The purpose of the hall is to honor, in perpetuity, women whose contributions have influenced the leadership of Arkansas in their community or state,” Hight said.

Jones, along with six other women and an organization, will be honored on April 20 at the Wally Allen Ballroom at the Statehouse Convention Center in Little Rock.


Most people these days see Sissy Jones’ success, but weren’t there when the family struggled and spent long hours trying to get the business going.

Jones is religious and puts God above all else, and takes good care of her family and friends. Jones has limitless energy and intelligence, and the smile on his lips and the twinkle in his eyes surpass even the brightest diamond in his Pine Bluff store, friends said.

She survived opening a jewelry store at a time when big box stores were just starting to sell rings at low prices and an attempted theft that nearly ended her life.

Bill Jones, CEO of Sissy, said his mother had “worked harder than you can imagine” and was not given a silver spoon.

Sissy Jones said the original log cabin she rented for $ 50 a month in 1970 was not in the best condition and these days she laughs at the raccoon incident in the toilet, termite invasion and other store related incidents.

Bill Jones earned his entire starting salary and remembers when it was just the two of them. They would drive all night to pick up and return to Pine Bluff with a bunch of antiques and would start selling the pieces early the next morning.

They later started selling jewelry and Bill Jones worked behind the counter, designed pieces, swept the floors, and at night he and his mother put together the store’s legendary and branded slide bracelets, custom-made. from a hunting box chain.

These have become a national success.

“I guess you can tell I followed in my mother’s footsteps,” Bill Jones said in retrospect. “This is not a bad way to go.”


At the annual Arkansas Easter Seals Gala in 2015, Sissy Jones was named Arkansan of the Year.

That night, Governor Asa Hutchinson said, “I knew Sissy through her community service, and she has long been the pride of Pine Bluff, and now she is the pride of Arkansas.”

One of his former adopted children, Phyllis Bullard, was also present.

“Most people see Sissy as a woman on TV, but she helps so many people and she stays so humble… Sissy is empowering, consistent and straightforward, and she’s a great role model,” Bullard said.

Longtime friend and client, Wanda Bateman, now deceased, said that evening: “Sissy is Sissy when and wherever you see her. She is always welcoming, generous, generous … We love her. . “

Bill Jones described his mother as an incredible Arkansas original and trailblazer.

“There is no one else like her,” he said.


Nowadays, the family has grown to include children and grandchildren who work in the business. Pine Bluff’s only log cabin has branched out into Little Rock, Jonesboro, Conway and Memphis.

Despite the growth and fame, Sissy Jones continues to offer jewelry at different prices so that almost anyone can afford a piece from her store because, after all, she said, “life is too much. short for ordinary jewelry “.

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